Just Check It™ and MOC-IV Credit

Just Check It™ is now an approved for Maintenance of Certification (MOC Part IV) credit. Through the University of Colorado School of Medicine MOC Program, the Just Check It™ program can fulfill the quality improvement and evaluation criteria needed to maintain certification.

About Just Check It

Rates of blood pressure (BP) control in patients with hypertension are suboptimal. Studies have shown that home blood pressure (BP) monitoring (HBPM) can improve BP control and increase adherence with lifestyle changes and medications. Over the last 10 years, SNOCAP and the High Plains Research Network (HPRN) has developed and successfully implemented Just Check It™ to improve cardiovascular health in Colorado. 

Just Check It™ (JCI) is an evidence-based home BP monitoring and management program.  JCI offers a free online and phone reporting system called the JCI Registry, available at The JCI Registry is a secure HIPAA-compliant system that tracks average home BP reports and can securely share patient reports with providers to support the management of high BP between office visits. Patients enrolled in JCI report home BP averages every 2-4 weeks. Just Check It™ helps patients and their providers better manage and control BP between office visits. Implementing Just Check It™ into your practice workflow frees up office visits for patients that must be seen in person and utilizes team-based care. Home BP is a better predictor of cardiovascular health. Encourage your patients to utilize this program today!

How to Receive MOC IV Certification

Credit is obtained by implementing the Just Check It™ program over a >9month timeframe. The JCI Registry automatically generates home blood pressure report data to use for the certification credit. At the end of the project, the provider must utilize the home BP data collected over the improvement cycles to complete a physician attestation form that highlights project impact and lessons learned. This includes a description of the quality improvement project’s impact on the provider’s practice, and a reflection statement describing the change that was performed in his/her practice affecting care delivery. If interested in receiving MOC-IV Certification credit using Just Check It™, please contact the Project Lead, Linda Zittleman ( and visit the website for important deadlines.